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Emuu means a mythological origin mother of an animal or plant species. The emuu has given birth to or created a certain species, and is responsible for its actions and for taking care of it.

Hunters used to perform spells to the emuus due to the belief that the emuus choose who they want to give their children to as prey. People also tried to banish "evil" creatures by sending them back to their emuus.

The term "emuu" originates from the word emo (Old Finnish: "mother", Modern Finnish: "animal mother").

Some known emuus

Among many, many others, some known emuus include:

  • Hillervo – Emuu of otters
  • Hongatar/Hongotar – Emuu of bears, protector of pines, irritated and grumpy, lives in Romentola.
  • Höyheneukko – Emuu of game birds
  • Juoletar – Another emuu of otters, male regardless of the feminine "-tar" ending
  • Juonetar – Emuu of deer (juoni = a line of deer)
  • Kati – Emuu of trees; a beautiful and young goddess of forest who gives birth to trees
  • Kyllikki – Emuu of rocks
  • Kytöläinen – Emuu of worms; willows were also born from Kytöläinen's tears
  • Käreitär – Emuu of foxes
  • Käres – Emuu of snakes
  • Käärämöinen - Emuu of lizards
  • Lemmes – Emuu of alders
  • Laus – Emuu of reindeer and moose
  • Lovetar (Louhiatar, Loveatar) - Emuu of wolves
  • Mammotar – Emuu of worms, birther of snakes
  • Nokeinen – Emuu of sables
  • Tapiotar – Emuu of birds
  • Tuheroinen - Emuu of minks, also helped with hunting otters and wolverines
  • Tyytikki – Emuu of squirrels
  • Ulappala – Emuu of dogs
  • Äimätär - Emuu of wolves