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Finns are a people native to north-eastern Europe, mainly the region that nowadays makes up the Republic of Finland, but beyond that as well. Linguistically and tradition-wise Finns are related to other Finnic and even more broadly, Finno-Ugric peoples, with influences coming from the neighbouring Scandinavians and Balts. Finnic peoples have sometimes been collectively referred to as the people of the waterfowl. This name comes from the common elements between different Finnic mythologies: it was widely believed among the Finnic peoples that the world originated from an egg of a waterfowl. Many other tales have similarities and overlap as well; therefore sometimes this wiki might also have information of a larger Finnic or Finno-Ugric tradition.

The purpose of this site is to provide credible, sourced information about Finnish folklore, which includes traditions, beliefs, myths, celebrations, etc. If you have something to contribute, feel free to!

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